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Throughout the course of my relationship, I feel like I lost pieces of myself. Or, in the instances where the pieces weren't lost, I felt like I blurred the edges quite a bit. This is the absolute worst, ok. My only recommendation for you is to avoid it, at all costs. Like Janis Joplin said, you're all you've got.

So. Part of the past year has been a reclamation of self. For example, my ex called me Ginger. This was a edited version of a nickname given to me by a friend many years ago - Ginger Peaches - and it became completely interchangeable with my real name, Meaghan. I used to, and still do, answer to both. I did not want to drop the Ginger nickname, as it felt woven into my identity. So I just decided it was mine and I was keeping it. The end.

A year out from everything, I've come to realize there are other things I want to keep, dispose of, or just let go. This blog is one of them. While public processing may still occur, I need to separate myself from this space and continue to move forward with my life. There are so many threads of my marriage and relationship woven into the archives of Oh Meaghan, and try as I might to set off on a new course, I can't. I avoid this space because it doesn't feel like my own anymore.

So, I've done a lot of thinking over the past many months and thought about the ways in which I use social media, including blogging, and the type of writing and sharing I want to do. I've thought about my lifestyle, my needs, my interests. I've thought about safe space, guarding my personal life while also sharing my identity - whether that's as a crafter, baker, queer femme, party planner, or just a human being trying to navigate this weird world we live in. I've thought about how I want to interact with the internet/world, and whether I care about it interacting with me as much as I used to. More often than not, I just want to say things or share things without any expectation of outside interaction. I want an archive of things that interest me as much as I want an interactive space. Also, I would like to merge my crafty business with my blogging with my aspirations to dabble in event planning on a small-time/amateur scale. Wrapping all of these activities into one name and one space seemed essential.

On the tech side of things, the reality is that I've dedicated a lot of time to make Blogger work for me, and it's a clunky interface with inconsistent reliability when it comes to a lot of things. Wordpress is, for all intents and purposes, above my head and completely out of my wheelhouse. I'm not interested in cultivating a blog with thousands of followers and hosting my own site and all of that really intricate, time-consuming stuff. I have, over the past two years, grown to love Tumblr. I use it to host Butches + Babies with almost no issues to speak of, and it's given me access to a whole world of social justice networking and sharing that frankly has never existed for me in any other sphere. On top of that, it's easy to use, mobile-friendly, and well-integrated to social networking without the use of outside apps. These are all reasons why it makes sense for me to move, and so move I shall!

I ask loyal readers of Oh Meaghan to bear with me as I move my thoughts and life over to my new space, So Gingerly. I've tried to take the time over the past week to get things ready for you over there, and it should be easy to reconnect using the RSS reader of your choice, or to follow me directly on Tumblr. I want to thank all of you for supporting me through the past many years, and especially the last one. I've been blogging in various spaces since 2005, and I genuinely cannot imagine my life without it.


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