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For many years I've had aspirations of stitching something personalized and adorable for all of my friends doing things like getting hitched and having babies. For many years, I have failed when it comes to actually making these things happen. It took me about three years to finish a stitching project for my brother's Christmas present, for god's sake. I have all of the ambition and none of the follow through, but times they are a'changing.

I was able to complete these four stitches this summer for a bunch of my favorite people. Shelby and Kim were married in a beautiful ceremony overlooking the Potomac River at the end of June. I used a custom Wee Little Stitches pattern and based it off of one of my favorite photos of them from an evening we spent together the autumn before. I finished it off with a vintage embroidery hoop from my personal stash. I also made sure to include their little pup Pebbles!

One of my bestest friends ever Megan and beau Tim were married in Toronto in August, and I used a custom Wee Little Stitches pattern again to recreate their super sweet and colorful engagement photos with carefully counted embroidery floss stitches. I finished it off with a simple white frame from West Elm.

Can I just say? Jacqueline and Christopher, the proprietors of Wee Little Stitches, are SO GREAT to work with, especially on custom projects, and their existing patterns are also nerdy and fabulous.

The collection of woodland creatures, for my friends Joanna and Neil and their new son Owen, were culled from various patterns from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I designed his name and date on my own once he was born and all of the details were confirmed.

And finally, the "Life Aquatic" stitch was for my friends Leah and Rodney and their new son Theodore (or Teddy). I knew both his name and the nursery theme in advance, so I used a few patterns from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery again and reorganized them to fit nicely into a sealife scene, finishing it off with his name in a bright aqua designed by me. I also added the Auntie Ginger fish to represent myself, sending him fishy lip kisses all the way from DC to Chicago whenever he needs them.

I realize these aren't the best photos, but they're what you have left when you're rushing to finish and get to the wedding or the post office in time. It feels really wonderful to give your friends something that took you quite a bit of time planning and stitching, honestly. There's love in every single stitch.

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