apple cupcakes + cinnamon buttercream

A few months ago, a bunch of my friends decided to sign up for one of those themed 5K obstacle course runs. This one in particular, according to the website, involved fake blood, guts, and other things I have no interest mud, dirt, and cold water...being launched at the participants by zombie bystanders. I do not like to get dirty, so naturally I abstained from joining the team, but I did offer up a promise for celebratory cupcakes at the end of the race. I was reminded of my commitment the night before and opted to use up ingredients I had on hand rather than acquiring more supplies to make the zombie eyeball cupcakes I originally promised.

These cupcakes are some of the best I've ever had, honestly, and I'm not really a huge fan of cupcakes in general. I'm good at them, but I don't usually wind up eating them. These were dense and moist, filled to the brim with grated apple, which is frankly a brilliant idea Martha and I commend you for it. She reads my blog, right? Anyway, the cinnamon buttercream is something I've made three times now, and it's basically a modification to my mom's basic buttercream that she learned at her Wilton cake decorating class about 30 years ago. Not only does it taste delicious, because cinnamon is the best ever, but it leaves the loveliest autumnal speckled look to the icing. Again, Martha, you're impressed, right?

For the cupcakes, follow THIS RECIPE as stated.
For the frosting, follow THIS RECIPE, omitting butter flavoring and almond extract (only use vanilla) and adding one teaspoon (or tablespoon, if you're me/obsessed) of cinnamon. Get the spiciest, best, most pungent cinnamon you can buy. I like what they offer at Costco, and I make my dad give me two giant containers of it for Christmas every year. He loves Costco, I love cinnamon. Win/win.

Use whatever icing tip you have on hand or like a whole lot to decorate these babies. It doesn't matter how you apply the icing, really. I think I could've just haphazardly smeared some on top and handed them off to my friends. We went to the local wing joint after the race and I got to watch my best friend's new boyfriend eat five of them in a row before he ate a burger the size of his head. The rest of the two dozen cupcakes were gone in less than an hour.

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  1. Meaghan - these look awesome! I sooo miss your cupcakes! :)


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