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THAT PRINT - She bears an uncanny resemblance to yours truly, don't you think? Though I just cut my hair, and my glasses aren't quite that big. I love Nan Lawson's work, and I just picked up a few prints to hang in my craft room...including this one that I'm calling The Accidental Portrait of Moi.

THIS BOOK - I truly feel that demystifying art - the process by which its made, the intent of the artist, the methodology and materials used, and the impact it has on people - will truly inspire people to be more conscious and aware when it comes to all creative pursuits, including crafting, baking, cooking, and even the actual artistic efforts of children.

THESE MOVES - As someone who has struggled with lower back pain monthly since I hit puberty, I really appreciated this post. Amber does a really impeccable job at making yoga moves accessible to non-yogis and fat bodies.

THESE IMAGES - Mallory @ Gems does a great job at culling images from all over the web and creating exciting posts that make me smile. This one seems particularly apropos to the time of year, and what it SHOULD be doing outside. Ahem.

THIS TART - Made it at Christmas, goddamn it was good. Never will I make a graham cracker crust again. The tenderness and spice of a ginger snap/pecan blended crust was completely perfect in every way.

THIS POST - A fantastic breakdown of the varied arguments about guns, gun control, and what we want our country to look like. The Sandy Hook shooting has weighed heavily on my heart ever since it happened, and I've had trouble articulating my views about guns without sounding like an angry, sensitive beast. The Weekly Sift handles it perfectly.

THIS DIY - In a few weeks, I'm going to have an outing to see THIS MOVIE with some friends, and afterward I'm going to sit down and make some of the colorful earrings and accessories made from polymer clay that I've seen all over the DIY web with said friends, including my godkid whose ears were recently pierced! Keeping track of my project ideas HERE.

THESE TIPS - Gluten-free living...a fad or a choice? Who cares. If you can make baked goods that look, and presumably taste, as good as these, then it's worth a whirl.

THIS DREAM - Because, honestly, it could've been mine.

THIS NOTE - ...which has been my Facebook cover photo ever since I stumbled across it. Indeed, champers does make you gayer.

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