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Instagram photos, from top to bottom: Seamus, examining wedding flowers | Em, with our heirloom gourds and pumpkins | Wedding ceremony spot, before | Annual Costume Try Out @ Target | Post-wedding relaxation & Christmas movies | Congratulatory wedding letter from the President & First Lady/an administration we're proud of | Pre-game strangulation with Katherine | High School rival teams & baby powder dust bomb | S'more basket™ | Autumn on fire out in the country | A miserable, bossy pug | Kettle Corn Classic 2012 competitors | My So Called Life marathon + ornament painting | Oh Ginger's 2012 Stitched Ornament Collection

It's been almost three weeks since my wedding and I don't think I've stopped much at all, even though slowing down was at the top of my To Do List. The upside to this is that I'm living, which is always spectacular, and the downside is that I feel hurried and rushed in some stress-inducing ways. Next weekend I have my first craft show of the year/season, and I'm busy preparing for it every waking moment I'm not at work or with friends/family. Hurricane Sandy only dumped a ton of mostly-gentle rain and moderately-scary winds on us, but we still got some extra time off from work. I managed to clock over 40 hours of "hobby" craft work over the course of the weekend and our days off, though, 19 of which were consumed by a My So Called Life marathon. I finished the series/season feeling as pissed off and frustrated as I did when I was a teenager. Why did it have to end?! No bother, though, because my favorite season is just beginning and there's only 52 days until Christmas!

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  1. The letter from the whitehouse made me tear up!

    congrats you two!


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