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Shortly before planning our joint birthday party, during which I had a total sweaty/panicky/over-tired meltdown, I told my BFF that I wasn't going to plan any more parties. It was the wedding and that's IT. A year break from coordinating events and things that require things like planning and decor and RSVPs and food. D-U-N. Done.

That lasted all of five minutes, I think. There is the wedding, of course, but there is also the Annual Holiday Cookie Party in December. And then I decided it would be fun to host a Crafternoon at my place, since I seem to know so many people who are either crafty or who want to be crafty. The timing is perfect for some kind of holiday-themed craft, so I decided to suggest an ornament-making Crafternoon. And then I'm all, "what will we do with the ornaments when we're done making them?!" and I decide that I want to recreate my idea from two years ago and sell the ornaments online for a charitable cause. So I solicit the folks invited to the Crafternoon for advice - which charitable cause will we choose? And the first suggestion wins - Girls Rock! DC.

For the past two years, my amazing godkid Ruby has participated in this empowering and incredible project put together by an almost 100% volunteer staff, many of whom are my pals. Every year they scramble to find a camp space, they ask for volunteers and donations, and they do an amazing job at inspiring young girls through music. It makes sense that we do more than just attend the shows every year. (Here's some awesome photo-coverage of the show, by the way.)

So that's what we're doing! Making ornaments, selling them in an online shop, and donating 100% of the profits to Girls Rock! DC. If you're interested in contributing an ornament (or more than one!) to our fundraising efforts, shoot me an e-mail. Our first Crafternoon is November 3rd, and we'll take photos and get ready to sell shortly thereafter. I will make sure to let all of you know when the shop is stocked and ready to rock! \m/

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  1. What a great idea! I love hosting Crafternoons but hadn't thought of using the goods for good!


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