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We are now less than 100 days from the wedding. This migration into the double-digits kind of elicited a many-day-long panic in me and I forced Em to tell me the amount of time we have left in hours versus days. It was just easier to cope with a couple thousand hours, honestly. One of the things I've had to wrestle with quite a bit over the year that we've been talking about this thing, and haphazardly planning it, is the feeling of being alone. I am a loner in a lot of ways...I think I can do most things better by myself, I loathed group projects in school, etc. But I also sometimes wish that while I'm plugging away on a self-invented assembly line, that all the people I love were standing behind me cheering. Or in the other room, laughing. Or just around me. It's hard that four out of my five best ladies are an hour+ away in Baltimore, and that my mom is in Arizona. I found some solace in this comment from APW, but it's still an imperfect state of mind and I imagine it will be until I'm surrounded by everyone in the days before the wedding.

The invitations arrived a little over a week ago and I love them so much! I've assembled all of the pieces and I'm ready to address them. I just need to figure out RSVP deadlines that I can cope with, as collecting RSVPs is one of my least favorite activities ever. I've also started a stack of things in the corner of my craft room for wedding stuff, trying to keep *most* of it off of the futon until the end of August. It grows daily, though. We picked up fabric yesterday for the bunting that we're hanging in the backyard. Actually, Em stood in line and had the fabric cut while I got lost in the sea of fat quarters that were on sale. I think the fabric girls were disappointed when I finally wandered up to meet Em at the counter. I always forget what a charming flirt Em is with the crafty ladies. We also finished up our rental order, finally decided what we're going to do for desserts AND favors, and I'm entertaining the idea of a non-traditional dress color.

That's all to say that things are moving along steadily.

I'm planning on wrapping up the wedding in the same manner as the rehearsal dinner that I helped plan last year for my in/out laws, as I got a lot of good feedback from it. I also hope that my assessment of the entire wedding planning experience is more helpful than the crap I have to read on wedding blogs.


  1. Ah! How exciting - less than 100 days! I mean, aside from the stress of it, I hope it's still exciting for you. I cannot WAIT to see it all come together. DIY weddings are my favorite ones to read about. (What? I'm a sucker for a wedding blog even though I have no wedding in sight at the moment...)
    I also LOVE a non-traditional colored dress. I want my (someday) wedding to be anything but traditional and this feels like the perfect spark to make people say WOW!
    Random aside: We have a quilt with that same pattern and nearly the same color scheme! Did you/someone in your family make it? <3

    1. It is still exciting! Just trying to keep everything it doesn't feel suffocating. :-) The quilt was something my family discovered when my grandma passed away. No one is sure where it came from, as making quilts wasn't something that side of the family was into, but it looks handmade. I need to have it repaired in a few spots. I love it so much.

    2. It's a double wedding ring quilt! They were traditional wedding gifts, I think. We have two in my family that are so worn and faded they are nearly gone. My mom is making a new one for me, which is our wedding gift, eventually. I treasure them and yours looks lovely.

    3. Ooh! Excellent to know! Thanks, Rachel :)

  2. Collecting wedding RSVPs might be less painful than you're expecting! I loved checking our mail for that month. I did have to round up the non-responders the week after the deadline, but it wasn't too bad.

    I think wedding planning can feel lonely. It's hard with friends and family out of town, but if you get a chance, maybe host a little prep party if you guys have any major assembly to do in the month before the wedding. Many hands make light work and even if people aren't crafty it's nice to have a casual excuse to eat pizza and think about the upcoming wedding with friends.

    Good luck!

  3. It's funny, because I have been thinking about you, Em, and your wedding a lot lately, and how I wish I could be part of the prep, because it is so special, and I know how much love and THOUGHT you're putting in to every last detail. Distance is really hard.

    I will always cheer for and believe in you!


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