unfinished gifts

Over the past few weeks, I've tried to slowly go through my craft boxes and drawers in the effort to organize and purge a lot of things in anticipation of the room being taken over by wedding things in the very near future. Naturally this process means I send my godkid home weekend after weekend with more and more craft supplies...two big bags of fabric scraps for her burgeoning fashion designing career and a ton of other little things to help inspire her over the summer. I've also put supplies that weren't together back together, like a ridiculous amount of DMC floss and an unruly fabric stash. This process has also uncovered all of the stuff I never finished. The stitch you see above is an ambitious project I started two years ago come Christmas for my brother. Now that he's settled into a new apartment with his beau, I think it's high time I finish it. I plan on giving it to him with a stack of presents I've been accumulating for him since last Christmas. #bloggerrealness

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