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I found myself digging through a bin of book jackets at work the other day (they're discarded or used for displays) and I found YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND! Naturally I jumbled the words when I read the title, thinking it was instead WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND!, and combined with a bear in a pink tutu, I didn't think much of it. Then I noticed the annoyed parrot. Then, the terrified monkey, rabbit, and frog. I flipped the cover over and saw the bear in the tutu swimming, presumably with her new friend, a flamingo in a bow tie. I opened the book jacket and saw the illustrations on the inside flap - "Lucy wants to make a friend today!" "But it's harder than it looks." "Will Lucy give up before she finds a friend?" The illustrations had me cackling. Finally, I realized the title was YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND! and I fell in love, not only with Lucy but with Peter Brown, the completely brilliant illustrator behind the book.

A little internet sleuthing brought me to his personal website, his Facebook, and the other titles he's written in the past few years. You can also purchase prints from some of his stories and just regular illustration work. This guy is fantastic!

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