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One of my least favorite parts about being a person driven to create is having a day job (and I do like my job, to be clear). I spend 40+ hours a week working, 4-6 hours per week commuting, 6-8 hours per day sleeping (this is not an option for me, unfortunately), 3ish hours per week cleaning/tidying/doing laundry, and then however many hours per week and weekend I desire toward cultivating friendships and relationships with my loved ones. So basically, it feels difficult to find time to allow my brain to focus on something other than the simple needs of my life. Even when I have time to create, I don't always have the space in my brain to imagine, well, anything.

I am grateful to work a compressed schedule at work, which means that I have Mondays off to do whatever pleases me. Doctors appointments, laundry, crafting, sleeping in if I need to, etc. Yesterday I spent most of the morning doing whatever I could to make my apartment as dark as possible, as I was nursing a crappy headache on account of the rain rolling in. The few hours of relative daylight I had left were spent making something I have been imagining for six weeks now. Now I have to wait another week to photograph these pieces in decent-enough daylight for my Etsy shop.  I'm constantly postponing my need for instant crafty gratification.

The good part - my idea worked, I'm completely pleased with the results, and I'm looking forward to adding metal-free jewelry** to my shop very, very soon. These necklaces (and complementary bracelets, too!) are so perfectly simple and versatile. A great success, aside from the constraints of my life...which, if I'm being honest, really is a pretty great success, too.

** There isn't a particular need, generally, to produce metal free jewelry...but I hate working with metal, and I generally don't wear anything with exposed metal on it because it pesters my skin. It's nice to make something for people with similar sensitivities that isn't plastic.

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