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Speaking as someone who is always planning a party or craft project (if not in reality, then in my head), I've found Etsy to be one of the best sources for party supplies. There are a number of sellers who have made it their mission to provide reasonably priced goods for parties, packaging, and crafting that one would normally be forced to purchase wholesale. I'm constantly on the look out for these sellers, as you never know what kind of party I'm going to plan next, what piece of jewelry I'll want to make for myself, or how I'd like to wrap up purchases from my Etsy shop. I stumbled upon INKKIT the other day after seeing these beads on the front page of Etsy. From the bead shop I migrated to the supply shop and I'm completely enamored with everything Cait Lucas puts together in both. The photography is incredible, the selection is unique and neither shop duplicates much of what is already available on Etsy (and elsewhere). She has created a set of supply shops that not only provide wonderful merchandise but they also truly INSPIRE creativity. That's a difficult thing to do!

There is a promise in the shop announcement for more new things soon, including a transition for the bead shop (from Oddly Even to omekit, but that doesn't seem to be completely set up at this time) and I can't wait to see how Cait's shops evolve!


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