After significant delays, caused only by the moderate chaos that is my life, I have finished the Astrid stitch I mentioned so long ago. Overall, I think it turned out quite well! At first I was worried about it coming together cohesively with the natural/light linen and different fabric patterns, some floral and sweet/some graphic and bold, but in the end it looks fantastic!

I added a small twist of Angela Liguori loose weave Italian cotton ribbon as a hanger and sealed it off in the traditional Oh Ginger way - a hand-cut circle of "upcycled" cereal box cardboard (that I hoard, because it's one of the most useful crafty materials EVER) and some trusty hot glue. What has been added since these pictures were taken is the tiny felt dot over the letter i. I could've kicked myself for missing it, but I was able to secure a sweet little light mustard dot after sealing up the stitch. The entire piece was done in blanket stitch, both for aesthetic purposes and because it's one of the more secure stitches from which to chose. The bunting triangles were each separately hand-stitched and then finished off with a thicker piece of embroidery floss in an almost contrasting yellow, with an itty bitty bow at one end.

In the near future I will be adding these custom stitches to my Etsy store in a variety of sizes, including some initial stitches in the 3" hoop size. As always, all of my stitches are designed, cut, stitched, and finished with love by yours truly.

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