more stitchins, please

Seconds after posting my Tallis and Vivian stitches, one of my dearest asked me if I could stitch a personalized piece for her niece Juniper. I dove right into it and settled on a mossy green linen background with the same rainbow polka dot vintage fabric, that I used in the original pieces, for Juniper's name. Finally, with the help of some Instagram opinions, I topped off the piece with some cheery bunting and a bright star in colors to match. It's a really sweet piece, I think, and I was so glad to make it.

Seconds after posting the final piece on Instagram, a friend asked if I'd make a stitch for her niece, Astrid! I couldn't say no! After learning a bit more about Astrid, we settled on a variety of fabrics in various shades of yellow for her name with a coordinating bunting. I'm still working on the piece, so you'll have to enjoy this preliminary photo I took to share the idea with my pal.

These stitches are so fun, so sweet, and so customizable. I had no idea that I'd have the great fortune of making more than the two I started with...and for sweet little kids with such incredibly unique names! Tallis, Vivian, Juniper and Astrid. I love it.

If you're interested in a stitch, please shoot me an e-mail. I'm working on some pricing details so that I can offer them at Oh Ginger, too. Look for more details soon!

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