guest quarters

Please pardon the less-than-stellar-quality photos - they were Instagram'd on my iPhone 3GS - or as I described to my mother, "the typewriter of iPhones". Saturday and Sunday morning were spent bustling around preparing for the visit of a friend from the land of EHs and maple. As I finished folding freshly laundered blankets and arranging things in a neat and tidy fashion, I realized that I have put together a really cute guest/craft room! The light is wispy and perfect, I have a collection of little friends to cheer me on (with a new lime friend from a giveaway at My Paper Crane/kidrobot!), and a bunch of beautiful things to inspire me. Felt ball garland on the wall, a ribbon chandelier over my desk, crafty supplies in every corner of the room, and a comfy futon for our visitors. It feels like a fantastic accomplishment, to be honest. It's something I've always wanted.

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  1. A super sweet place to sleep or craft. :)

    I especially love how you said the light was wispy and perfect, that sounds lovely.


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