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Vintage Linen Tea Towel from Barking Sands Vintage $52

One of my favorite things about Etsy is the ability to find just about anything my vintage-loving heart desires without all of the hideous graphics that Ebay sellers are wont to use in their listings. The prices aren't always the same, but there are some good deals mixed in with the appropriately-priced vintage gems**. I'll try to share more of my vintage finds here on the blog as I stumble across them.

Perhaps they aren't the most unique or novel finds, but what vintage does for me is simultaneously generate feelings of nostalgia and cherished memories (as was the case when I saw this Tupperware pickle canister that my mom used to keep in the fridge; pickles were my favorite after school snack as a kid) AND it helps me be more conscious about my consumerism. If I choose to add something to my life that has already been made, lived a life cycle, and is still in perfectly useful condition, why shouldn't I use that if I can? All hail vintage!

** Sellers like Jadite Kate take the time to reference value recommendations from various buying guides in their listings, such as this one for McKee Canisters, which helps give buyers perspective as to her pricing policies. A+!

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  1. I know what you mean about the nostalgia - when I found a twin of the yellow Tupperware strainer we used to have in the kitchen, it had to come home with me.


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