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Clockwise, from top left: Stardust Ring by Andrea Bonelli; Gold Wedding Band by Garnet Girl;
Nora Ring from J. Lingnau/catbird; Victorian Gold Turquoise & Pearl Ring from Erstwhile Jewelry Co.

Sunday night I stayed up far too late and searched for quizzes and advice columns about choosing the perfect wedding ring. Such a thing really doesn't exist, apparently. At least nothing I found particularly helpful. I still have no idea how one goes about picking a ring. I do know, however, what I have worn for the past five and a half years - a slim, sterling silver ring that belonged to Em. It was a confirmation gift from Em's aunt, and when we first started dating, I found it on the dresser and slipped it on my ring finger. It hasn't left since. When we got engaged, Em gave me a beautiful ring and I cherish it. But on a daily basis, I'm a one low-profile ring kind of gal.

With that in mind, I've tried to settle on a ring that is a lovely, simple, and perfectly sweet upgrade from my steadfast sterling silver. It wasn't an easy choice. I wanted gold; I perceive it to be traditional and my parents have worn their gold wedding bands for the past 34 years. The four rings you see here were all contenders. I love the elegance and beauty of the gold ring with turquoise and pearls. It's a vintage Victorian ring and is one of the prettiest examples of that style I've been able to find. The softness of turquoise and pearl were an issue, though. I would feel devastated if anything ever happened to it. But at the same time, it's survived the past 130 years! The other gold rings are all handmade, which is incredibly important to me. In the end, it's just a matter of deciding which design I like best. And I think I have...finally.


  1. I just found your adorable blog while doing some painting research! Love your layout and cute posts! :)

  2. They are all beautiful, but I think the top left is my most favorite. And I'm sympathetic to your ring choosing woes... looking at rings, it's very easy to loose perspective because what WIC kindly suggests you should want. Ultimately, I expect to just wear a band but I still want it to be beautiful and original.

  3. found your blog through another blog i follow and i love everything of it you sound like a fantastic woman.the rings are all amazing, i love the bottom left. it reminds me when i was on the hunt for our wedding rings i can't count how many rings we seen and love.good luck finding the perfect ring and congrat's.


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