I've been trying to find inspiration in the world around me and failing. Frankly, the worst time to be inspired by the world around you in the DC metro area is January until cherry blossom season/March-ish. There is no color, anywhere. And there is rarely snow to cover all the bland with a fluffy marshmallow blanket. I stumbled across a color palette generator after enjoying Creature Comforts for a few hours on Monday. So I decided to find images I had already taken and dump them into the generator to see what appeared. I'm inspired! I also take a lot of really dark photos, so I need to work at borrowing the light more to make colors more vibrant. The two images above were taken by me; the first in NYC at my brother's apartment, and the second in Harper's Ferry, WV at a rental house we stayed in a few years ago. The frame in the second photo is one of my favorite colors of all time.

There are quite a few blogs out there dedicated to the color palette, which is fortunate for me because I often have trouble dissecting one or two shades from a comprehensive landscape. I'm now excited about making more palettes out of my own photos and hopefully incorporating them into future craft projects. In the meantime, I'm keeping track of all of my outside inspiration on my colorspiration pinboard at Pinterest.

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