After some time seriously rearranging and organizing the guest list, we are ready to send out our Save the Dates. OMG. Though I plan to write much more about my experiences with all of our wedding vendors, I want to give special acknowledgment to our stationer, Jess from Magpie Paper Works. She is by far the best person I have ever worked with on any project...ever. No really. She is patient, kind, creative, generous, full of energy, open, welcoming, loving and organized. She also has incredible handwriting, which is important to me. My priorities are...interesting!

We searched low and high for affordable, well-designed, creative and unique stationery as it is the Most Important Thing For Me when it comes to this wedding planning business. When I found Magpie, I prayed with all my might that she would be willing to work with a quirky queer couple like Em and me. She was. In fact, she was enthusiastic about it. It was such a relief, and the evolution of the process has indicated that we made the perfect choice for us. So after we find a cooperative post office (requesting hand cancelling in the Northern Virginia area seems to be akin to asking a stranger if they'll rub lotion on your feet or something equally painful/gross), these lovely customized postcards will be winging their way into the mailboxes of our nearest and dearest. This means things are real, kids. And I couldn't be more excited.

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  1. I'm such a paper nerd, so I love it when you share these links!


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