The new It Food? Pudding. I'm putting my money on it. Creamy, homemade, rich, comforting, smooth, delightful, chocolatey, vanilla-y, whatever-flavor-you-like-y. It's versatile, it's simple, and you don't need a lot of fancy equipment. Grab some inexpensive teacups or custard dishes at the local second-hand shop. This isn't a sophisticated tart, my friends. It's just good, wholesome deliciousness. Here are a few puddings on my Must Make list, from top left, clockwise:
I've started adding pudding recipes I'd like to try to my puddin' cup Pinterest board. Do you have a favorite pudding recipe?

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  1. Damn! I love me some pudding. It's too bad it has such a bad reputation as an old folks' food. The restaurant I used to work to work at had a crazy good panna cotta recipe with a little raspberry coulis on top. That pumpkin one looks awesome! Side note: It is being served in a dish that our family always used as a cat bowl (as well as regular bowl). Memories!


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