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Hello there, 2012. I knew you were coming, but I feel hardly prepared for your arrival.

Every Christmas Eve, I have a quiet moment with myself and feel sad that my favorite season is almost over. The idea that I'll have to wait 365 days to get there again feels almost like the worst kind of misery. Just for a few minutes, mind you, but it's there. And then I trudge on and celebrate my favorite day with family and friends, then skate on through to the New Year on a glittery, evergreen-scented high. By January 1, I feel triumphant and kind of tired.

The exciting part of 2012 is that there will be two Big Shows for me to joyously anticipate. Christmas will happen again, as it always does. And, I'm getting married. To my best friend. On the 13th of October. I wanted to write more than I did last year about the planning and ideas I had for our special day, but I quickly found myself overwhelmed. So I took a healthy step back and allowed things to unfold as organically as possible. It was a good idea.

We're now standing, braced and ready to get things started. The one thing we stopped and did just before the one year mark was have our engagement photos taken. Our friend Pang Tubhirun is a fantastic photographer and she happens to live in one of our favorite towns, so on the way back from our friend's wedding, we put on our [casual] finest and wandered around Shepherdstown, WV with our personal paparazzi smiling and posing and mostly feeling cute. What you see above are our favorites from the session.

I love the photo of us smooching under the tree in front of the library, and the photo of us reading is doubly hilarious because I'm reading Mormon Cooking. The final photo, however, was our favorite. See, one of our Secret Couple Behaviors is to slow dance at random moments, as we pass by one another in the kitchen or getting ready in the morning. I am usually singing Minnie Riperton's Loving You and Em is usually cracking up. So to accidentally stumble into a photo that so expertly captures our silly and special and adoring Us-ness means the world to me. Hooray 2012!


  1. "You are so beautiful to me," comes to mind, and I celebrate your love and all the excitement that 2012 will bring to you both. May all-out abundance and ecstasy be yours!
    With love, Barb

  2. The last photo is my favorite! I love it even more after your Secret Couple Behaviors story. You two are the best.

    Bring on 2012, the year of the OMGs!

  3. Those photos! So wonderful and full of love.

  4. I love these photos! I'm so excited for you and Em - 2012 is going to be a fantastic year for you!


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