feisty first ladies

Totally excited about Two Paperdolls' latest project - The American Alliance of Unpaid Public Servants. It celebrates the fiery pistols we've had as First Ladies here in the States. More info about the exhibit (Art in the Age, 116 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia):
Two Paperdolls has always celebrated the vital roles women play in our society. In light of the upcoming President's day holiday, our team of illustrators, designers, and pressmen will celebrate the First Ladies of the United States in the way we do best.

On Febraury 1st, we will transform Art in the Age into a historical tribute to these remarkable women. The exhibition will include a series of letterpress posters, designed and printed exclusively for the occasion by Two Paperdolls. The exhibition will also include a working Chandler & Price Platen press from the early 1900's. Join Two Paperdolls to mark our appreciation and admiration of these unpaid, but beloved public servants, paying them the tribute they deserve.

This series reminds me of the Presidential Pretties that Ruby, Angela and I made a few years ago. Though not letterpressed, we did seek to uplift and...uh...decorate existing portraits of former US Presidents using their own words and glitter. Lots of glitter.

An appropriate comparison, if I do say so myself.

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