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One of my brother's resolutions for 2012 was to give up Facebook. A noble goal, I said, wincing. As he sat at my dining room table the day after Christmas, furiously writing down the birthdays of his nearest and dearest, it occurred to me that I couldn't do what he's doing. Cold turkey? It sounds painful! I could change something about how I engage, though. I could be more conscious about connecting outside of social networking, splitting time evenly (if not disproportionately in favor of real-time) between the two. This seemed reasonable.

In my craft room sits two boxes full of stationery. Beautiful letterpress and high quality printed cards, notepads, envelopes, and everything else I would possibly need to send my loved ones little notes now and then. What I never invest in with any regularity is the birthday card. I buy or make them for my parents, my brother, Em and my immediate in-laws and closest friends. I spent countless hours addressing, writing and mailing holiday cards to everyone under the sun, though. Why couldn't I put the same energy into celebrating the birth of each of of my family and friends as much as I delight in celebrating the birth of the Baby Santa?

I don't make resolutions, but I always try to do better than the year before. In 2012, I will be sending out birthday cards. I will try to send them to as many people as I can, but will be focusing on my immediate and extended family and closest friends first. I will sit down and take time to write something meaningful, brief or long-winded (I'm good at both), apply the stamp and send the greeting on its way. My hope is that I can do my part to put onto paper the sentiments contained within my heart. The holiday cards I mailed were sent without expectation, and I continue to be overwhelmed by the number of cards we received in response. I have no expectation of a return on my birthday card investment, which is the most exciting part. I'm just doing good things because it makes me feel good. Wish me luck!

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