the little trees that could

Last Saturday, I set out to tidy up my craft room and almost wept with despair at the number of projects I've only half-finished this year. On my crafting tray were these trees that I had created templates for after pouting at the realization that their inspiration was no longer available for purchase. The smallest was finished, the middle one was half-sewn with its guts strewn all over the tray, and the biggest was just cut out. These felt pieces laughed at me, people. They neener-neenered at me until I had no choice. I had to finish them. So when the last of my rickrackscissorhotgluesticksmarkersfeltballswhatever was put away, I nestled into the sofa with Em and finished up my trees while watching Some Like it Hot for the first time.

I really didn't have a plan for how I wanted to decorate these trees, so I just did whatever I felt like doing. The tiniest tree is covered in baker's twine "garland", little felt "lights" and is finished off with contrasting thread on the exposed was by far the most time consuming of the bunch. I went with vintage lucite bead "ornaments" on the middle tree and finished off the big one with 1cm felt balls I had on hand - I just cut them in half and made a cross stitch on each to hold them in place. In the end, these trees are great!

On Sunday, after trying to find their permanent home somewhere in the family room, I got really frustrated because they kept toppling over. I had myself convinced when I made them that the bases were wide enough that they wouldn't be too topsy, but they were. Stupid plush. I did the first thing that came to mind in the end, and glued unfinished wood cubes I picked up at the craft store to each of the bases. They stand up tall and proud now, disguising our router and modem on my great grandma's steamer trunk/television stand.

I hope to put together a tutorial for these in the next little while - with my luck, by next November. Luck you! They're really easy and are perfect for hand-sewing or machine sewing, but all of the embellishments should probably be done by hand. So keep your eyes out for that and don't give up on those last minute craft projects. You'll feel so much better when they're finished.


  1. Oh, those are super cute! I'm thinking my little nest might need the addition of some plushy trees. It looks like they are three-sided--correct?

    Congrats on finishing a project. Always a great feeling.


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