you say gnocchi

On Saturday, Em and my future-father-in-law spent the better part of the day making homemade ricotta herb gnocchi, bolognese and veal chops stuffed with prosciutto and fontina. This whole falling in love with an Italian thing is basically the best thing ever. While they gnochhied, I spent the better part of the day knitting, watching the snow fall, digesting the fruits of their labors (Z-O-M-G), and taking pictures of the dogs.

The dogs (first Molly, my in-laws' Shiba Inu mix, then Seamus, my princess pug) spent the better part of the day laying around the house. Though Seamus did do a fair amount of whining when Molly wouldn't share her toy with him and then again when Molly and Yogi (their other dog, who was sleepy most of the day too, just in the other room) were playing outside in the snow for a while. Jealousy, thy name is pug!

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  1. Sounds like perfect Saturday
    Can I have ricotta herb gnocchi recipe? - if you have it, of course :)


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