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Say hello to my little friends...err, uh, things? I was milling about the craft room on Sunday and realized that I have some pretty fabulous new treasures in there. First, Herman the Indifferent Giraffe (you might be able to get one of your own here). He came to me by way of New Duds, an awesome screenprinting and bag-making operation from New England. Herman stares at me when I'm working, keeps me grounded and reminds me not to sweat the small stuff. Naturally, I'm plotting the moment when I acquire his twin brother, Horatio the Audacious Hippopotamus. It'll be all Twins up in my craft space.

Also, a delicious slice of pie from ErinF115. While enjoying a crafty conversation with Em's Aunt Lynn a few weeks ago about old world crafts and things, needle-punching came up. I told her it was a craft that I attempted, more than once, and failed at miserably. Fortunately there are artists like Erin making beautiful things like this pumpkin pie ornament, which will be gifted to Aunt Lynn when we arrive at her home for Thanksgiving in Chicago this year.

Finally, this completely wintery and delightful bag made by Karen from Maggie Makes. She creates some of my favorite crafty tutorials, and the design of this bag is her latest. She offered up a chance to win the sample a few weeks ago and I won! I haven't yet decided when I will use it, but for now it's hanging prominently on my craft dresser, inspiring me just like Karen's blog.

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  1. love the post! Maggie Makes is awesome! thanks for sharing :) Glad our Giraffe found a good home ;)


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