the weekend

The weekend was busy and awesome. On Saturday we ran errands in preparation for the coming weeks - a wedding this weekend, a trip home the following weekend and then BAM, straight into the holiday season. I got the cutest gray suede wedge/kitten heel hybrids at DSW to wear to the wedding. I say this not because I love fashion, or because I feel super hip or super cute, but because I managed to survive the women's shoe section in a very large store on a Saturday afternoon without getting trampled, glared at, judged or otherwise disturbed. It was a close call, though. It didn't occur to me, for example, that Homecoming is in season. So there were these random and tightly-packed clumps of teenagers with little to no regard for personal space. Fortunately, I escaped and ran across the store with the boxes of the shoes I managed to try on and hid in the sanctuary that is men's shoes. Em did some shopping around and I clutched my treasured shoe boxes while watching a man curse at some loafers. We returned home relatively unscathed with a variety of necessary things. We spent the rest of the evening working on our wedding website and practicing Communication Without Threats of Violence. Planning a wedding is so absurd sometimes, especially the part where I have to work well with others.

Sunday we traveled up to Baltimore and had a delicious lunch at Clementine with my super awesome friend Becca, who was in town for the first time in a long while from Cincinnati, and her sweetie K.D. It was so good to see Becca and meet K.D.! Then we traveled just over the city line into Baltimore County for Ruby's field hockey game. It was so beautiful and sunny outside, and her team won! I got to play around with my camera a bit more...I'm still trying to figure out all of the settings and get the best pictures possible. It's coming along.

Monday morning I jumped out of bed and set to work on finishing up a repair I promised my future father-in-law two years ago. He entrusted me with fixing and repainting various chips and dents in this plaster hand-painted Christmas horse he acquired a long time ago in Germany; it didn't survive their move 10 years ago and it's been relegated to a box for every Christmas since. The biggest issue was with the front of the mane...or as Em called it, "the horse's pompadour". The entire front of it was knocked off. I rebuilt the front portion with air-dry clay, carefully guessing what it should look like based on the rest of the mane and horse. I now know what it feels like to be a dentist, sculpting a crown or reshaping a tooth after a cavity filling. Then I pulled out all of the appropriate paint colors and set to mixing the right shades to finish off the horse. In the end, it turned out better than I expected! Admittedly, I felt like Santa Claus, working away in my toy shop. Then we went over to the in-laws' for the first sockarooni** of the season, with Em's aunt and uncle in town to boot, which was as delicious as ever.

Thus, it was an awesome weekend.

** This is what Em's very Italian father calls meatballs and sauce.***
*** I happen to love it. I mean, eating it and calling it that.

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  1. It really was an excellent weekend. Glad to be by your side through it all <3!


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