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We trekked up to Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland this weekend to watch our friends Leah and Rodney get hitched. For all the nail biting Leah did during the week, the weather turned out perfectly (for those interested, AccuWeather was more accurate than the Weather Channel). Leah and I have spent so much time discussing our weddings over the past year. It was delightful to see it all come together, and also to see all the parts she kept secret. She and her step-mother-in-law traveled far and wide to collect various vintage china pieces for the centerpieces, which were incredible, and the Chanteclaire Farm was a lovely venue (whose website does not do it justice). The cake topper from The Small Object was also adorable.

My favorite parts of the wedding were the guest vows (WE DO!), the photo booth and spending some time catching up with Cassidy Duhon (ace photographer!), and the bonfire at the end of the night. I have found that Leah has been instrumental in warming my cold, cold heart with regard to weddings, and I feel so excited about her future with Rodney. They are just one of those couples that manages the stress and joy of love with such finesse. It was an excellent weekend.


  1. wow! I'm so happy you had a great time! Also want to give a shout out to Jan Florist in Oakland, whose website also does not do them justice! (http://www.janfloristmd.com/) Yay for love and antique china!

  2. Absolutely love the bride and groom cake topper!

    Found your blog recently, enjoy coming by every morning and finding a new post


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