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I have the most fickle skin ever. One minute, I could coat myself in heavily perfumed fancy soap and be just fine, and the next I could do the same and be covered from head-to-toe with hives...for months. You honestly never know what will flip the switch, which is why I seek out dye-free, fragrance-free, essential oil free alternatives. More often than not, I'm stuck with my sensitive skin, unscented Dove soap. But now and then I try something new to see how my freckly paleness reacts.

A few weeks ago I picked up this soap, and a Detox Set of clay soaps plus a manly exfoliator for Em called The Grit, from Rocky Top Soap Shop on Etsy. I remembered reading Tony's Featured Seller piece a few months ago and was excited to try soap made by a dude, whose formulas seemed suited to my skin and whose process seemed not only skin-friendly, but nice to the environment. Plus, his branding is awesome AND he's cute! He's like a New Englander teddy bear...who makes soaps! What more could you ask for, really?

This soap is the jam. My morning routine has been extended at least five minutes so I can use this soap, in fact, and I've always been the speedier half of the couple (sorry Em!). The colloidal oatmeal (which is something angry sensitive skin loves, by the way), poppy seeds and apricot kernels delicately exfoliate my stupidly dry skin while all of the awesome oils, including olive and avocado, moisturize it simply and cleanly. I step out of the shower feeling refreshed, not bogged down by residue and fragrance. It suds up nicely and much better than any boutique soap I've ever used, too. It is simply incredible.

Thanks for making such incredible soap, Tony!

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  1. he's adorable and I love his soaps! I bought a sampler which included some shampoo bars.


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