plotting and planning

Admittedly, six weeks before you move isn't the best time to decide to start making again. But I did, and thus started a very tempered, somewhat lazy whirlwind of planning and plotting. I am a few embroidery hoops and a photo session away from reopening Oh Ginger, which is kind of awesome. I've decided to stick with what I love, color studies/spectrums, in whatever form amuses me, but generally involving felt. Enjoy this sneak peek, which is like a sloppy reveal more than anything, and get ready to visit and let me know what you think once I swing the doors wide open at the shop.

Also, I need to say this somewhere, lest my conscious explode - I am returning to Etsy. This is not a decision I've taken lightly, but the combination of Kalin vacating his CEOship (again), more options in the way of search optimization and coupon codes, and a level of self-promotion I can handle (20 cents per click), have helped me decide to give Etsy a whirl again for the 2011 holiday season. While this feels a little bit like eating crow, I can say with all honesty that I never stopped shopping there (almost compulsively), so it feels less like a walk of shame and more like a homecoming. I hope you'll still love me, friends.

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