oh, arizona

The weekend (and then some) was spent with Katherine, one of my oldest friends, and my parents in the land of sunshine and Tea Party apologists. Because I grew so accustomed to not having a camera, I forgot mine and was left taking pictures with my woefully inadequate 3GS iPhone (with a little finishing help from Instagram). It was a fun and incredibly relaxing weekend, filled with my Mom's brilliant breakfast bagel delights (Trader Joe's sprouted wheat bagel + peanut butter + fresh fruit = brilliant), home cooked meals (and desserts - including apple pie made with apples grown in Sedona and that peach + cranberry crisp!), delicious Tex-Mex at my favorite place (El Mirage), road trips to Carefree and Sedona, newspaper reading and uplifting/positive conversations about the wedding with my parents and relatives. Oh, and some super relaxing late-afternoon floating at the pool with Katherine. Oh oh, and some crafty time with my Mom in her overstocked, super organized, everything-you-can-imagine filled craft room. She has a 12 foot closet packed-to-the-brim with papercraftin/scrapbooking supplies. While Katherine learned how to make a birthday card, I punched approximately 89 billion orange circles to make tiny pumpkins.

Fortunately, I think that I caught up on about 36 extra hours of sleep that I lost somewhere between January and now. This is amazing...except for the fact that now I can't seem to adjust back to EST (photographic evidence). I think, though, that the extra shut eye I socked away will be useful in the coming weeks, which are about as busy as they can be. For now, I caffeinate.

P.S. - Isn't my mama adorable?

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