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On Friday I was digging through some supplies, trying to find a particular kind of adhesive (that wasn't in my adhesives basket - the horror!), and I found a Ziploc bag full of precut felt pieces and templates that I created a few months ago. I completely forgot about them. I spent the rest of the weekend still feeling not-quite-100%, so I spent quite a bit of time stitching up the forgotten project.

The desire to photograph the progress turned into a spin around my craft room. I have two bookshelves full of my favorite children's books, some from childhood, some from my years as a bookseller. In particular, I remembered my recent reunion with my favorite book ever, The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read. As you can see, it's been well loved over the years. Then the tour moved on to some projects on my desk - cross-stitched and felt appliqued button experiments, a reworking of an old design (the pile of felt in the background is a pile of frustration, mostly), and some vintage cabochons-turned-earrings with the adhesive curing. Yes, that adhesive I was searching for...these trips usually come full circle, you see.

As I turned off my camera and started on my way, I realized Seamus had followed me into the craft room. Normally I wouldn't give you such a close up of our boring (and not-recently-vacuumed) floor, but I had to share the pathetic. Look at him. If I could only market his abject pug misery. What a ham.

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  1. I had completely forgotten that book, but I LOVED it as a child. I'm definitely going to have to look for it next time I'm at my parents' place. My mum kept all our favourites, so I know it must be somewhere...


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