a human disco ball

A week or two ago, in my last minute quest to find the right dress for Leah's wedding, I stumbled upon a silver sequined dress from Nordstrom. For those who know me, scrolling past this dress would have been the expected next step. The truth is, I did not. Lately, despite my misgivings about glitter and overtly feminine details, I have been a little glitter-focused. I sent the link to the BFF and said:
I know this isn't me at all, but do you ever want to wear something like this and just walk into a room or onto a stage and BE the disco ball?
I didn't buy the dress, and I probably never will. But since then, I've started a collection of links to fabulous glittery delights. I should post them on Pinterest, but again, shiny is SO not me, and I would feel so exposed! Who knew that deep down, past the love of natural linen and bright colors, past the dislike of unnatural fibers and pastels, I would be a closet glitz lover? Who knew, indeed.


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