all the faces a baby can make

Sometimes, they are angry.

Sometimes, they listen intently while you talk about gender theory, world peace and all butter pie crusts.

Sometimes, they're hungry. Or praying? Probably hungry.

Sometimes, they get sleepy and need a little baby snooze.

Sometimes, they have incredibly long eyelashes!

But most of the time, they are just cute and happy.

This is Scarlett, my baby BFF. We got to hang out a few hours on Sunday while her mama, Em's coworker Sally, got some needed relief and went grocery shopping. She was born on my brother's birthday so I feel we have a special kinship. We had a good time together, too. She was just the thing I needed to get over my post-wedding "lethargy" and get emotionally ready for our engagement photo session later that day. How can you not go into a photo shoot with your one-true-love beaming after hanging out with an adorable and snuggly baby? 

The truth can't. Photos from the engagement session coming soon!

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  1. Um, how did you NOT nom-nom-nom Scarlett's chubby adorable baby cheeks?! Cutest. Baby. Ever.

    Can't wait to see those e-pics!


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