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Last year I entered a giveaway at Penelope Waits for a cross-stitch pattern of my choice and I won. Holy crap! I promised Essie, the sweet sweet lady behind the designs, that I would post on my blog about my win and the finished project. Ha. A year (almost to the day) goes by and here I am. I have finished the project (wait a minute...I finishing something?!?). Aside from completely forgetting how to count near the end of the project, it was smooth sailing. I love cross-stitch; it's relaxing, it reminds me of Girl Scouts and learning to craft with my Nanny, and unlike embroidery (freehand or otherwise), I appreciate the perfectly defined spaces for the thread to live in. So neat and tidy. Samplers are especially fun because each row, or set of rows, changes things up. It keeps things interesting.

I'm looking forward to doing some more holiday stitching this year, including at least one or two more patterns from Penelope Waits. Essie's patterns are easy to use and would even be suitable for kids to stitch; the directions and guides are simple, clean and accessible. This particular project will be framed up and gifted to a special friend of mine who delights in all things woodland creature.

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