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Four years ago, August 2007, I started blogging somewhere other than LiveJournal. For a little over two years, I blogged on a site that I genuinely felt was a public service, combining my identity with my interests. Then, in January 2010, I migrated all of the posts I love to Oh Meaghan, where I've been ever since. While I wouldn't call them delusions of grandeur, I would definitely say that I expected things to take off more than I they did. I get it now, though. I know what I can do, what's reasonable and interesting. As one of my dearest friends said to me, in so many words, "you'll be able to go back and read all of these memories. You will have it all written down." I am completely satisfied with that.

My previous template/theme was designed for a blogger who needed space for all the bells and whistles. I don't need that. I never did, but especially not anymore. I put on my big kid pants and migrated to a template I had my eye for a while from Pugly Pixel, and made sure I worked out all of the kinks before I asked one of my favorite illustrators for some help with my new header. I'm not sure how I discovered Rebekka Seale, but I'm so glad I did. Her illustrations warm my heart in the same way that Marie-Louise Gay does. Her work is whimiscal, but in a way that is warm and genuine. So I deliberated for a few weeks over what I thought my space needed, and then sent her a message through Etsy about a custom blog header.

In less than seven days, I have what you see before you. It is everything I asked for, yes, but also so much more. My idea was to go for a Kilroy Was Here look, not so much because I have an affinity for World War II or shipyards, but because the image has always been funny to me. By nature, I am curious, observant, silly. It just fit. Rebekka created the cutest version of me I have ever seen. I am so grateful, especially in light of yesterday's post. In some magical way, she reminded me of...me.

So thank you, so so much, to everyone who continues to read my blog. And thank you to Rebekka for creating such an incredible blog banner and for seeing me. I am armed with my camera (finally), an improving attitude and the rest of 2011, which promises to be fun, chaotic and full of awesome adventures.

If you need your own illustrated blog header/banner, I cannot recommend Rebekka enough. Click here to read more about it. Make sure you check out the rest of the delights available in her shop, too. You won't regret it!


  1. a beautiful header for someone with a beautiful head on her shoulders, inside and out. HOORAY!

  2. Mini - THANK YOU! <3 <3 <3

    Rachel - I agree! It suits me. Again, I appreciate your support!

  3. It looks adorable! The narcissist in me wants a little cartoon version of me for absolutely no reason at all.


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