marvelous: naughty bits

About two years ago, I got my hands on an awesome card catalog that I couldn't quite fit into our living space. I promised it to my pal Caitlin of Rebound Designs, knowing that she could turn it into something spectacular. She surprised me with a generous thank you gift in return. Knowing how much I love romance novels, Caitlin not only gave me my own Paperback Pouch made with a fantastic vintage romance novel cover, but I got a delightful and raunchy assortment of Naughty Bits pins to share and wear. You too can get your own Naughty Bit pin from Rebound Designs this Saturday October 1st at Crafty Bastards in Adams Morgan (northwest DC), or whenever they're in stock in her shop!

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  1. 1) these are awesome! certainly would jazz up any librarian sweaters.

    2) all i want for my craft space is a card catalog! the are beautiful and so organized! super lucky! we only have 2 left here, and i don't think they are ever leaving.

    3) i still get complements all the time on the glasses pendant, super cute and so wonderful for the library, thanks again!!!


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