dad's camera

"Hey Dad, remember that old Minolta that you gave me in high school?"
"Oh yeah! I got that in Panama at a duty-free in 1970, I think. Why?"
"Well, the last time I used it was in high school. I was thinking about having it cleaned up."
"Are you gonna sell my shit on eBay?!"
My father is such a jokester. Groan. In reality, I am interested in photography more and more as the years pass, especially after accidentally taking pictures like this one, and when we moved into this apartment July and subsequently moved a ton of stuff out of storage, this was one of the first prized possessions I dug out. I took a few rolls of film with it in 1996-ish, on a high school field trip. It really hasn't been used since. I did some research into it and found that the Minolta SR-T 101 is a pretty sturdy, well-designed camera for it's age and that even Annie Liebovitz used one at some point...for something...awesome, I'm sure.

Unless someone has a great objection to it (which you can let me know in the comments!), I think I'm going to send it off to Abilene Camera to have it cleaned up and refurbished. They update the battery so that it permits the use of a modern, non-toxic battery and hopefully they'll be able to get some of the fuzzy spots out of the lense. In the meantime, I'm going to do as much reading about it as I can, and hopefully get a tutorial on the basic functions of SLRs from my buddy Pang when I see her next month. In the end, I hope to use it a few times a year to preserve memories, family-oriented or landscapes and moments. Even if the quality of the camera doesn't move beyond the soft blurry edges that it gave me back in high school, I really feel like the images it produces will be important and worth cherishing.

So no, not selling it on eBay. And I'm not giving it to my brother, either. Neener neener.


  1. I have the same camera! I also inherited it from my father, and I love love love it. My one word of advice is to avoid using the self-timer. That's the weakest point on all vintage/antique cameras. Lenses are fairly easy to find on ebay etc. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for the tips AND thank you for stopping by! I'm excited to learn more about the camera...maybe one day I will graduate to fancy lenses. :-)


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