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I'm making! I'm actually sitting down and producing things. Or, in the case of baking, standing up and producing things. My imagination is moving along at a steady and exciting clip. With that comes some distance from this space. The other night I caught myself frantically cross-stitching, refusing to sleep until I finished the row I had started. Uh, why? I had no deadline. Right now, I'm ok with that. In the future, I hope to balance a little bit more. I have a lot of ideas for autumnal and holiday crafting, which I hope to share. In the meantime, here are some pics from Instagram (with which I have fallen in love...) over the past few weeks.

My godkid successfully completed her first Girls Rock! DC summer camp a few weeks ago. This was my way of congratulating her. Check out that glittery, hand-drawn guitar! I also have to say that GR!DC is an incredible effort to empower young people and I tip my hat to all the awesome folks, including some of my very own friends, who dedicate their time and energy to making it happen.

We made it for many years with our sturdy and well-loved Norden gateleg table, but it was time to get something bigger and more appropriately fitted to our new dining room and our lifestyle. So we invested a whopping $129 on the Svalbo and I couldn't be happier. Not only does it comfortably seat four adults, but it has a leaf that hides below the tabletop when not in use which opens the table up to six adults. Comfortably.

Shortly before we moved, I found these three crates on Etsy for less than $45...for the three. They are beautiful vintage soda crates and I was able to bring my vision for them to life. With a few well-hidden screws, they are now securely hanging on the wall and they hold some of our most cherished family heirlooms. They're a nice juxtaposition to the clean and simple Ikea table, too. 

I used a plastic drip cone that I picked up at Whole Foods for a few years to make my coffee, but it became painfully clear to me a few weeks ago that it wasn't sufficient. I knocked over a precariously stacked plastic-on-plastic coffee making set-up I had been using, which launched hot coffee and coffee grounds down the entire side of our stove, and behind it. Holy mess. Thankfully, a generous birthday gift from my parents was this beautiful and sturdy vessel. It's a Chemex 8-cup coffee maker and I have desperately wanted one for years and years. If you have never made coffee in this manner, you are missing out. I will show you how to do it soon, in a step-by-step post. There is a technique and it's worth learning. As my bestie recently said:
"You ruined coffee for me, btw. The office coffee, which I usually find to be pretty tasty, tasted TERRIBLE to me today. I think you should blog about your coffee-making."
See you soon, my friends.

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