Various things of minor importance.

Folks, it has been hectic!
  • We just finished a big move - from a cramped one-bedroom apartment to a much more realistic two-bedroom in the same apartment complex. My dream to get out of Northern Virginia has been set back at least a few years, but the ability to be a hermit in my very own craft room makes up for it without a doubt! So many projects will come to fruition now that my elbows have room to move and my brain has room to imagine.
  • Like I told you last week, I decided, on a whim, to start a Tumblr with photos of butches and babies, and it has become so much bigger than I ever imagined it could. Over the past week there have been over 15,000 page views, over 470 followers on Tumblr and over 200 Facebook fans. While I feel incredibly awesome for finally figuring out this internet machine thing, I can't help but wrinkle my nose as the realization that Oh Meaghan has never climbed to such heights. It motivates me to keep writing and posting, though. I'm not disappearing, but I do need some time to find a balance.
  • All of the butch and baby chaos has distracted me, however, from planning the wedding. This is good because I needed a break. Next week we have a tasting with the caterer we really love (on paper) and hopefully things will continue to line up, slowly but surely.
  • But because I can't sit still, I'm planning two parties right now - one at work and one at home. The work party is a second iteration of the ice cream party I planned two years ago. It will be delicious, obvs. The second is a birthday celebration for all of my August friends (and myself). The theme is rainbows and rollerskates. We'll go rollerskating for a few hours at the local rink and then make our way back to our apartment for rainbow partying. I hope to make a bunch of decorations and serve some (naturally colored) rainbow food, too. I've made the executive decision to not bake that rainbow layer cake, mostly because in my old age I've developed a keener sense of smell/finicky palate and the excessive quantities of food coloring taste horrible to me. Instead I'm making vanilla + vanilla in mini cupcake liners in rainbow colors with rainbow sprinkles. Trust that there will be pictures.
  • A few weeks ago I decided to purge a friend from my life because it just felt like we were no longer compatible. I talked to my mom about it, fearing her reprimand, but she not only agreed with my choice, she was enthusiastic about it. As I said to Angela yesterday, "It was amazing. I was like, 'wait, are you sure you're not mad at me for dumping her? You should be mad at me! BE MAD AT ME! I CAN'T COPE WITH YOUR AGREEMENT!'" This being-as-old-as-your-mother-was-when-she-gave-birth-to-you thing is really complicated. And topsy turvy. But, it's also incredible to have a friend who not only understands me but holds me to a realistic standard. Either I've grown or the bar has dropped. Ha!
  • Lastly, that photo up there. With moving comes packing and unpacking - not just your underpants but also memories. I found three CDs filled with pictures from a different time in my life, and it finally felt far away. I am often hard on myself about "how far I've come" and where I'm at in my life; vestiges of a self-esteem that was ritualistically ransacked every couple years from adolescence through my mid-20s. I skimmed through the pictures, wrestled with the decision to send the relevant photos to my ex, decided to keep the photos I loved and patted myself on the back for getting to where I am at this point. This was one of the photos I kept. I went with my ex and her godson to Van Dyck Park in Fairfax about six or seven years ago. This was the park where I learned to ride my bike, where I spent much of my childhood swinging on swings and spinning on various playground toys. When we went, these springy rocking horses were still around. I remember playing on them when I was a kid, too. That was at least 27-28 years ago. So I took a picture. And here it is.
In 23 days I turn 32. Whew.

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    1. I'm not sure what to say about all your different points, so I'll say "please keep writing here at Oh, Meaghan." Bises, D


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