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A small collection of things I've pinned to my boards over at Pinterest
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The past few weeks haven't left a lot of time for Pinning, and when I have it's been focused quite heavily on rainbows and roller skates. If I haven't thrown enough hints at you thus far to draw some sort of conclusion about that, you'll just have to wait for the culmination of all of this making and research. Aside from that I've been Pinning things for the wedding (and for autumn in general), a boat load of totes (more about that later!), some brooches and quite a few vintage finds. I think I may have inadvertently ignited a Cathrineholm obsession in the midst of all of my vintage perusing - I simply cannot get over the loveliness of the clean lines and saturated colors. Oh, and that sweet little romper in the first collage? Well, I think I know a sweet little girl or two who might need it, even though it looks mighty appealing consider the heatwave we're having. Which naturally inspires me to start Pinning for Christmas.
one :: two :: three :: four

one :: two :: three :: four

one :: two :: three :: four

This week on Pinterest: one, two, three, four

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