New project!

See that photo right there? That's my friend Bee Listy with an itty-bitty baby. Adorable, right? The moment I saw it, I announced that I wanted to have a blog filled with pictures of butches holding babies. At first, a silly proclamation. But Em reminded me yesterday shortly after we arrived to meet the tiniest baby I've ever held, Scarlett, and I was committed. I woke up this morning and got to work! BUTCHES + BABIES is over at Tumblr, and I'm seeking submissions. Please take pictures of your favorite butches holding babies, go to BUTCHES + BABIES, and submit them! I hope to put together a collection of incredibly cute/dapper/handsome/hunky/sweet butches with equally cute mini-humans. If I have enough submissions, I want to make a calendar!

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  1. Oh Meaghan, how I love Butches + Babies and I am so thrilled to have found the creator - thank you!


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