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All of the photos you see in that collage represent things that have inspired me and fueled my vision for the wedding. Apples, dark/natural wood, lights in the trees, pie, country roads, autumn - I didn't include pumpkins, but they will also be a major design element. Being a Virginia native makes these aesthetic aspirations genuine and not contrived; this is what every autumn looks like to me. It's my favorite season, after all.

These two photos essentially define my half of the color inspiration for the wedding - the crab was taken by my future father-in-law in the Galapagos and the second was discovered at Pinterest. Early on in the planning process, if someone asked me what our colors were, I would say "navy blue and steamed crab". Em would groan embarrassingly and insist to the person I was speaking to that I meant "a reddish-orange or an orangey-red". Again, it's my Virginia upbringing defining my tastes. Steamed crab is an honorable (and delicious) color, if you've spent any time on or near the Chesapeake Bay.

The best part about all of these images is that I'm staying true to who I am and true to our interests. This is making the entire process so much easier to cope with as I'm not navigating themes or design aesthetics that are new or unrelated to my daily life. We have over a year before the wedding and things are moving along at a comfortable and natural pace. Last week, we put the deposit down on our stationery (SO EXCITING) and tonight we have a tasting with a caterer we're very excited about. I have promised Em, and myself, that our wedding and the steps leading up to it will feel natural and unfettered, and thus far we have accomplished that.

Future wedding posts: attendants, family and why I love manners.

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  1. I'm so getting a kick out of following this. So happy for you both :)


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