Well, yeah.

The past week has been hectic and beyond my control, and posting has waned. Sorry about that! I intend to write an update post to the Native American appropriation post I wrote last week, another wedding-related brain dump and a few other fun things. Right now I'm sidelined by work, tending to some unexpected health stuff that's cropped up for Em (send good thoughts, please!), and a new-found love of hockey (go Bruins!). We're also prepping for the move and trying to figure out a way to de-angst the pug who has no idea what's going on. He has lived in this apartment his entire life and turns into a clingy maniac the minute he sees suitcases.

Sigh. I would rather just sit by the pool and eat pie.

Photo courtesy Shorpy Archives - Pie Eaters: 1921

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