Wedding blabber, chapter deux

Before I start rambling, I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my first wedding post - I was in tears every time I read one of your comments. I feel incredibly blessed to know people who believe that my marriage will be as important as everyone elses in general and specifically.

In January I started looking at wedding blogs for the first time in my life. My sister-in-law told me about Ruffled and I loved looking at all of the accessories they were posting, especially from handmakers and vintage sellers. Leave it to me to completely disassociate weddings from weddings. Doink. It's now June and I'm pretty much done reading wedding blogs. In the olden days of the internet, I used to announce that I was finished reading the entire thing. Like a book, from the first to the last chapter. In many ways, I feel that way now about the world of weddings. There is an end point. You will never find me surfing the message boards at, commenting on posts two years after I walked down the aisle.

The way I see it, you go into the completely overwhelming Grocery Store of Matrimony, you get the shit on your list, filling your cart with extras like that totally tantalizing bag of flavored pretzels and the bag of imported Swiss chocolate bars (I would also pick up a eight pounds of peaches and a miniature food processor, because I'm weird and can convince myself that I need these things), and then you checkout, leave the store and go home. Am I too pragmatic? Ha.

So how do you turn down the noise of the internet-based Wedding Industrial Complex? I'm working on it. It's practically deafening. There are so many ideas, so many pictures, and so much money funneled into one day. How exhausting! As I told our stationer yesterday in an e-mail, I'm reading these idea sites with "one eye open" now. Access to all of those ideas forces the true essence of what you really want out of your head. What I have been focusing on is reading blog posts on awesome sites like A Practical Wedding, which go into detail about what should really matter - family, friends, sustainable and love-filled unions. Are there any marriage/wedding blogs you read that don't get wrapped up in the consumerism/frippery?

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