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A small collection of things I've pinned to my boards over at Pinterest
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This week I celebrated the accomplishment of adding 1000 pins to my 27 pin boards. Quite a feat, lots of clicking, lots of looking at beautiful things. Pinterest has honestly been a godsend for me, as I have been desperate for YEARS for something to organize all of my favorite things in a visual way. I used to maintain various spreadsheets with verbal cues about things I liked, but they were never memorable in the way that Pinterest pins are. I even said to my BFF that I would be willing to pay a nominal monthly fee to maintain my boards, if it ever came to that. 

Another interesting tidbit regarding Pinterest is this minor controversy I read about on decor8 yesterday - apparently some artists/photographers/crafters/creative people don't want their work pinned on websites like Pinterest (or, I'm assuming, Wists, etc.) because of copyright and attribution issues. I can definitely see where they're coming from AND I feel there are ways to reach a common ground. I think the most important thing we need to do is make sure that what we're pinning includes the direct link to the original picture/post/item listing rather than pinning images and random things, specifically from Tumblr. I will often find the source of the things I pin and edit the pin with a new, more accurate link. If we can all pin with a little integrity, I think we can satisfy the attribution needs of those artists as well as utilize a helpful site like Pinterest. Pin responsibly!

This week on Pinterest: one, two


  1. I know this is late to reply to your post, but I SO agree about being careful to find the original source of images you pin. I didn't do that until a few days ago (literally) when I saw that post on Decor8. I had noticed, up until that point, how annoying it was to try to find out the story that accompanied an image when it linked back to a tumblr or just more pins and not to its original home--or to a page on a blog, rather than the post itself. I figured out how to find original sources by clicking through the links and really hope more pinners pick up that habit. I'm glad to see that someone else is saying the same!

  2. Also, pinterest users should know there may be also some issues with posting pics on blogs we've taken off of pinterest which you haven't received express consent from the original owner. Linking back to the source is not enough unless the image has a cc license which allows that use. There is a ton of articles on the web about this misconception.



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