NYC, we meet again [part 2]

I think we all remember the last time New York and I met. Let's just say...we made up. Here's part two in a three part batch of photos and experiences from my trip up there.
A dream realized - I was finally able to see the Big Piano at FAO Schwarz. I almost cried.

I finally made it to Fishs Eddy! It was everything I dreamed of...including packed to the brim with people. Can I close it for some personal shopping one day?

En route to Union Square, we stumbled on the NYC Dance Parade. Tons of dancers from all over the world, including gay cheerleaders and Sisters in Motion, a rollerskating dance troupe. They were the most incredible part of the day - I couldn't decide if it was the rollerskates, the matching outfits or the synchronization. Either way, I was mesmerized. I was able to sneak this video...and this one too (though it's sideways and I don't know how to fix it!).

We also stopped by Eataly, which was overwhelming and incredible. Em felt completely at home, of course. And then we swung by Madison Square Park for some concretes from the Shake Shack and some dog watching in the shade.

Next up - a night at the theater, dinner reviews and a big yellow bear.

It would be rude of me to not thank my sister-from-another-mister Kat for taking 75% of the photos you see on the NYC posts. She wound up carrying the camera and quickly became our personal paparazzi. Gracias, mi amor!

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