NYC, we meet again [part 1]

I think we all remember the last time New York and I met. Let's just say...we made up.
My brother and his roommate have put together an incredible apartment. Things I am completely jealous of: the vintage Coke crate turned chandelier; the art wall in my brother's bedroom; and the collaged panels in the office.

Breakfast at the best French restaurant in Harlem, Chez Lucienne.

Small children all over the city gliding blissfully (and steadily) along on their little scooters.

Central Park in Spring - it really is phenomenal.

Next up - a dream realized, Italian delights and hot ladies in roller skates.

It would be rude of me to not thank my sister-from-another-mister Kat for taking 75% of the photos you see on the NYC posts. She wound up carrying the camera and quickly became our personal paparazzi. Gracias, mi amor!

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