Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Do you see that? DO YOU? That richness and vibrancy! You can't even touch them and you know, because I'm telling you, that these are the most luscious yarns you'll ever get your paws on. Don't knit? You somehow feel compelled to learn. I can see that look in your eye.

So you can clearly understand why, when near a skein of this gorgeous stuff, I feel a strange and powerful urge to wrap myself in it. And fortunately this isn't impossible, because the woman behind the dye is one of my bestest pals, Karida. Neighborhood Fiber Co. is the name by which these delectable fibers are known, and they are available locally at Fibre Space in Old Town Alexandria which is the precise location where you can party with Karida and her fabulous fibers next Thursday, May 12th, from 7-9pm. She'll be debuting her newest collection, Penthouse Silk Fingering, as well as two new colorways. You can also guarantee that there will be a variety of other weights and colorways available in the shop to purchase the same night. Might I suggest you get the label autographed? Yes, I might!

Can't make it to the party? Fret not. You can purchase a wide variety of Neighborhood Fiber Co. delights in Karida's shop!

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