The master bath

Despite the fact that the market is ripe for buying, there is no way in hell we're in the market to buy. We live in Virginia, and while this state is beautiful if you pluck out all the people who live here (specifically the governor and attorney general, and everyone who voted for them), I cannot imagine going further west, northwest or south of where we currently live despite the fact that those directions offer the most affordable home prices. Therefore, we rent. We've lived in the same apartment complex for the past two and a half years, and plan on staying there at least another two. In July, we're moving into a two bedroom unit. This is exciting for many reasons, only one of which is two full baths. Naturally, I've started decorating the bathrooms in my head. Today, we're decorating the master bathroom...where personal hygiene and typography go to hang out.

When I lived in Switzerland, it took a while from me to transition to calling bathrooms WCs, or in Swiss-German "vay tzay". I hope to find some typographic wall hangings to indicate what lies behind the door.

For towels, books or magazines. Yes, we read things in the bathroom.

Not only do I believe this wholeheartedly (I'm a prude), but I love the shape of this soap dish. Perfect for a bar of your favorite lather.

I love the shape and color of this jar. You can take the lid off and it's a flower vase; leave it on and it's perfect for q-tips or cotton balls. Or to hide your nail clippers. Or zit cream. I don't judge.

Fortunately, we have this already (thanks to my awesome best friend). All we need to do is get it framed and hang it behind the toilet. Perfect for early morning eye exams.

I'd keep the rest of the room simple and clean, with crisp white and navy blue towels and a waffle weave shower curtain in white. I'd hang these hooks on the door to the walk-in-closet for bath sheets and bathrobes. Finally, I'd lay down one of these reversible bathroom rugs in either Leaf or Teal.

Soon...the guest bathroom!

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