Marvelous: tea towels

tea towels in various designs from Studiopatró - $22/each

I'm incredibly fond of a well-loved, well-worn tea towel. Once you get them through the first 10 or so washings, their softness and absorbency increases as does my love for them. You can use them to decorate the front of your stove, slide them through the handle of your refrigerator, use them to grab the handles of a warm and heavy pot, hang them off a dedicated knob or hook in your kitchen, or even use them to wrap a bag of ice for a bumped knee or headache. My love of stripes and typography has met its match with Studiopatró; the tea towels you see above are a small collection of their gorgeous and inspiring line. Perhaps I can justify acquiring one or two (or three or four) once we move into our new place. Has anyone ever use a tea towel as wall art?

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  1. why thank you! love your ideas for using these towels… especially the bumped knee. :) christina


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